“Do it in a Datsun”

Petrolicious has been making great mini automotive documentaries for a little over a year now and every video they make is extremely well done. Their cinematography coupled with their outstanding curation of vehicles documented makes for a great watch. The following video follows the owner, Dave Scholz, through what seems to be the canyons of […]

Jay Leno in a Datsun 510

Recently Jay Leno has been in a few JDM friendly videos depicting various Japanese cult classic automobiles. Here he shows off one of his employees’ Datsun 510. It is definitely refreshing to see Jay showing some love for classic Japanese cars and their heritage. You can find the video of this very clean Datsun 510 […]

The Nissan Heritage Car Collection

If you ever wanted to kill a few a hours during an afternoon or simply be more knowledgeable on Nissan’s racing and non-racing heritage, this little gem is perfect for you. As I was perusing the internets’ the other night, I stumbled onto this page; hosted officially by Nissan to my surprise. In it you […]

2012 Japanese Classic Car Show

  The Japanese Classic Car Show opened it’s doors in Long Beach, CA this past September 15th at the Queen Mary. FRsport was there to document the oldies as well as some new rides. Event Hours: Saturday, September 15th – 9am to 3pm Admission (Cash Only):  Adults (13 and older) – $8 Children (12 and […]

Cool toys: ABC Hobby classic RC models

Ever wondered why such awesome cars like the 1st gen CRX or Brock Racing Datsun 510s & 240s did not get miniaturized in RC form ? Well, wonder no more because ABC Hobby has been producing these in 1/10 scale along with other rare classic RCs in anonymity until now.  The best part?  These reproductions […]