Replacing Worn Exhaust Hangers

Author: Dung Nguyen | IG: grip240sx Any unusual sounds coming from your vehicle should be checked out immediately. If knocking sounds are coming from your car (or if you see sparks), it could due to vibrating or dragging exhaust component, such as a muffler. Exhaust hangers are what holds the exhaust parts onto the body of your car. […]

The Pros and Cons of Magnetic Oil Drain Plugs

Magnetic oil drain plugs have been around for years. The question remains, “does a magnetic drain plug really benefit a car’s health?” We’ve heard both sides and decided to sum up some information. So, what are the pros and cons? PROS PROTECT YOUR ENGINE – By removing the metallic particles from cycling back through your engine […]

Limited Edition Chris Forsberg Shift Knob

Continuing their line of iconic shift knobs, Mishimoto has just released their latest entry into the “Athlete Series” with Chris Forsberg’s own Limited Edition model. The new limited edition shift knob features an all billet 6061 aluminum construction and comes with all the adapters you see above. These small aluminum threaded inserts allow the shift […]

New SL Version TE37V Wheels from Rays

“The Concept is Racing” – Ray’s slogan and mindset has always led them to create quality wheels capable of withstanding the rigors of motorsports. With their latest product offering, the TE37V SL, they not only continue to live up to this state of mind but also cater to legends of the past. While steelies or […]

DATA. It’s Important for Nerds and Race Car Drivers Alike

In this day in age, data is one of the most important feedback tools for businesses and individuals that require accurate ways to measure successes and failures. Unfortunately in the past, race car drivers, only had stopwatches and speedometers telling them exactly just how well they were driving or performing out on the track. With the […]

NISMO’s Spare Part Bins Are Pure Epicness!

Having to sponsor top tier race teams means coughing up excessive amounts of money for race parts. Luckily for NISMO they are the producers of race parts and this video has Tom Starey, from NISMO GT-R Racing Support, giving us a walk-through of some of the race parts they provide to race teams. JRM Racing […]