New SL Version TE37V Wheels from Rays

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“The Concept is Racing” – Ray’s slogan and mindset has always led them to create quality wheels capable of withstanding the rigors of motorsports. With their latest product offering, the TE37V SL, they not only continue to live up to this state of mind but also cater to legends of the past.

Rays TE37V SL-001

While steelies or retro styled wheels are always a top go-to part for classic JDm cars, they lack certain modern technologies that the newly released TE37V SL offers.

Rays TE37V SL-002

The new TE37V SL wheels are constructed using modern age tech and are lighter than the retro counter parts. They feature a design that is more resistant to hard impacts, thus making them great for track days or full blown competitions. The SL part of the nomenclature or name additionally stands for “Super Lap”, hinting at the fact that they are amazing for reducing time attack or auto cross times due to their lighter nature.

Rays TE37V SL-006

According to Rays the new wheels will be offered in the sizes above and you can start pre-ordering through motorsport sites like FR Sport.

I for one am extremely excited for some of the old-school cars that attend SCCA events to give these a go. It would be amazing to see an old school Honda hatch or Z rocking these wheels!

(images source: Mackin Industries)

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