FR Sport’s 2015 Subaru STI Gets Some Cool Mods

Our 2015 Subaru STI has been running around town in stock form for far too long. Thanks too a few good vendors of ours however, we were able to source some cool trinkets for the car. Read on to check out some of the JDM swag we have recently added to one of our newest […]

Cooling Down for The Hot Summer Daze…..

With the recent rise in temperatures, tracking the Miata in the summer has been quite an interesting experience. The last round of Roadster Cup that I competed in was at Big Willow at WSIR (Willow Springs International Raceway). The ambient temperatures were nearing triple digits which makes on track temperatures even greater. During the morning sessions, […]

The FR Sport SCCA Team Travels to Washington for the PRO SOLO Championship

Date: July 12th-13th, 2014 Event: 2014 SCCA PRO SOLO Championship at Packwood Washington Location: Packwood, Washington The 2013 FR Sport Subaru BRZ and SCCA team made it out to Packwood Washington last weekend for the 2014 SCCA PRO SOLO Championship Series and ended up doing pretty well in the event. The team crossed three state […]

WELCOME to the ROCK: DiF S13/S14 Solid Aluminum Subframe Bushings Review

Introduction As many  S-Chassis owners out there know, the subframe bushings of Nissan S13 & S14s are made of yummy-gummy rubber from the factory primarily because regular drivers demand and want comfort along with sportscar sportiness to go along with it too. With the S13/S14 chassis being long in the tooth (a.k.a. OLD and possibly ancient) however, […]

VOODOO 13 Executes MIL-SPEC Standards with Style

As time goes on the demand for quality and heavy duty performance parts exponentially increases. VOODOO 13 takes a great approach to this need within the industry with their MIL-SPEC suspension components. VOODOO 13 supplies suspension parts for street, drift, and road racing cars. With the their military spec standards, the durability, and sustainability of […]