NISMO’s Spare Part Bins Are Pure Epicness!


Having to sponsor top tier race teams means coughing up excessive amounts of money for race parts. Luckily for NISMO they are the producers of race parts and this video has Tom Starey, from NISMO GT-R Racing Support, giving us a walk-through of some of the race parts they provide to race teams. JRM Racing is the recipient of the awesome stash of NISMO products in this video and Tom Starey goes on to highlight a few of the parts. The bins are housed in a double-decker bus that will make you ooze with jealousy at the amount of NISMO goodies this beast has. From aero, to small suspension bits, to a full engine, they have it all minus a chassis. Check out the video to gain a scope of this bus!

(source: NISMO YouTube Channel)


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