DATA. It’s Important for Nerds and Race Car Drivers Alike

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In this day in age, data is one of the most important feedback tools for businesses and individuals that require accurate ways to measure successes and failures. Unfortunately in the past, race car drivers, only had stopwatches and speedometers telling them exactly just how well they were driving or performing out on the track. With the most recent Data Loggers and Data Acquisition devices from AiM (a top manufacturer of data tools for racers), FR Sport looks to help race car drivers from all fields nerd-out on their data and ultimately become better drivers in the process. Now, most of the following devices are available to order or purchase at their shop or online!

AiM MXL2 official photo 2 (LED on)
Dash Loggers like the MXL2 above, are just some of the essential tools for logging information out on the track. Generally these stand alone, dash mountable electronics offered by AiM can read various pieces of information coming from the vehicles ecu, internal accelerometers, gyros, and even the supplied GPS modules.

Solo Models
Dash Loggers from AiM range from the top of the line models like the MXL2 to the more entry-level based Solo and SoloDL units which offer smaller 2 color lcds but still offer powerful data. This particular line of data loggers is extremely popular with SCCA and club racing aficionados.

Don’t have the room to place a dash logger on the car or don’t want it to get in the way of your field of view? The EVO4 Data logger is a compact module that offers similar metrics, which after runs or in between runs can be connected to a computer for evaluation. Most of AiM’s data loggers come with their own Race Studio software allowing you to view your racing information in graphs, histograms, and tables.

Dash Line Displays
The Dash Line products above work flawlessly in conjunction with the EVO4 Data logger should you decide you want your information in real-time. The MXL Dash and G-Dash are dash mountable units offered by AiM and translate most of the data visually so you can get the data while in action or immediately thereafter.

To even further expand the capabilities of the EVO4, many professional drivers even look to attach this beauty to their system. The AiM Formula Steering wheel not only offers you the opportunity to visualize the data from the EVO4 immediately but it also lets you map functions to the available buttons on the wheel. Having access to your data and most used vehicle functions instantaneously is truly a game changer when the competition is at its highest at the racetrack.

AiM GT Wheel Comparison
Looking for a more traditional control instrument in your Non-Formula-Like, GT Car? Well AiM has the answer for that too. Also working in conjunction with the Evo4, Ecu Bridge, or Smarty Cam (more on these later), the AiM GT Steering wheel offers the ultimate in Race Car Data Feedback and Style. One can choose between the  320mm or 350mm designs and have the option to add paddle shifters should the vehicle transmission require it.

AiM_GT Steering Wheel Buttons
Just like the Formula Steering wheel, the GT Wheel offers 4 configurable buttons to assign to vehicle functions and a display screen to get data on the spot.

AiM_GT Steering Wheel LED Lights
The GT Wheels also offer a customizable LED array of lights up top that allow you to sync with the car’s rpms and specific shift point within that rpm range. The LED array also offers a warning mechanism just in case too.

Aside from all the tech it helps you with, the wheel is just beautiful. It’s wrapped in high quality leather and the center features a real carbon fiber construction. You could place this in a show car and get tons of points just for the looks, but then you would be missing out on all the essential data and race improving characteristics.

If your quest for racing data has not been satisfied with what’s out on the market please consider some of these amazing toys. All of them are easily accessible with the help of FR Sport and can be linked together to help you become a better driver and ultimate race car nerd (which in my opinion has always been cool).

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