Honda HSV-010 GT Super GT Race Car

Honda has come out with a new race car for the Super GT series, the HSV-010 GT. The HSV stands for ” Honda Sports Velocity” and was supposed to be the replacement for the last NSX. Unfortunately Honda decided not to produce a street car from this development, but only use the HSV for racing […]

F20C Rear Wheel Drive EG?

Making the rounds on the internet today is this F20C powered EG sliding around…. vid of it in action Its a little bizarre to see an EG behaving like a RWD…

Honda chopper?

It isn’t everyday you see a Honda chopper.  No other details are known.

Cool toys: ABC Hobby classic RC models

Ever wondered why such awesome cars like the 1st gen CRX or Brock Racing Datsun 510s & 240s did not get miniaturized in RC form ? Well, wonder no more because ABC Hobby has been producing these in 1/10 scale along with other rare classic RCs in anonymity until now.  The best part?  These reproductions […]