The New & Funky Designs of 2014 F1 Cars

If you have been living under a rock or simply aren’t into Formula 1 racing, the news of the new regulations and design of the cars have probably slipped your mind. Here to help you catch up with the rest of us (and possibly mock the new front ends together of course) are the new […]

What’s 1200 hp and weights 2600lbs?

See what 1200hp wrapped in a 2600lb packaged does. [youtube height=”1200″ width=”800″][/youtube]

Lighter is Better

TI Racing Exige proves lighter is always better.  Utilizing full carbon fiber body work as well as other weight shedding techniques, it out paces a supercharged Exige 260 Cup Car off the show room floor.  Even more impressive is the TI Racing Exige does not utilize forced induction to boost horse power.  It is the […]