McLaren Releases More Info on P1 GTR & Driver Programme

After the concept for the McLaren P1 GTR was unveiled at this year’s 2014 Concourse D’elegance, details continue to leak on what will be one of the most exclusive car clubs in the world. The car club resembles¬†one similarly created for the Ferrari 599XX Evo but knowing McLaren’s thirst for flair will probably feature some […]

The New & Funky Designs of 2014 F1 Cars

If you have been living under a rock or simply aren’t into Formula 1 racing, the news of the new regulations and design of the cars have probably slipped your mind. Here to help you catch up with the rest of us (and possibly mock the new front ends together of course) are the new […]

Funny Twist to Hunt, James Hunt…Just In Time For Rush!

If you haven’t already seen the movie Rush, showcasing one of the greatest Motorsport rivalries in the books, then you’re definitely missing out. If you consider yourself a fellow car nerd, as we all are here, then this is a must see. It wasn’t until after I saw the movie that a co-worker showed me […]