A Gorgeous Jaguar at Willow Springs International Raceway

A Throwback with purpose; this could be the definitive description of the car featured in Petrolicious’ latest cinematic video. For those of us that frequent the Willow Springs International Raceway, this great video truly made me want the Spring & Summer seasons to start  as soon as possible. With gorgeous blue skies and sunlight colored mountains in […]

“Do it in a Datsun”

Petrolicious has been making great mini automotive documentaries for a little over a year now and every video they make is extremely well done. Their cinematography coupled with their outstanding curation of vehicles documented makes for a great watch. The following video follows the owner, Dave Scholz, through what seems to be the canyons of […]

A Pair of Exquisite JDM Gems

This video has been setting off the view count on Vimeo like crazy. The “San Francisco Skyline” film by the talented guys over at Petrolicious.com (more cinematic videos are available there) shines a very cinematic light on these classic JDM Skylines. Owning one of  them is rare, but two is almost unheard of. Check out the video […]