Old school rally compilation.

Interesting to see how far rallying has come in a short period of time.  Here’s a look at some ‘old school’ rallying.

Lancia Stratos Ear Candy

Propelled by a Ferrari sourced 2.4L V6, the Lancia Stratos (pronounced ‘straw toss’) created a mechanical symphony where ever it raced. Examples of its ability to hit the right notes in this vid show why it drew such a wide audience throughout its tenure as a rally beast en route to 3 WRC titles.  The sound […]

Remembering Group B

Here’s an 11 minute mix of Group B rally clips; when driver skill was paramount and electronic nannies were unheard of.  Best of all, engine sounds are not accompanied by superfluous techno music & artsy cutscenes usually accompanying youtube vids. Group B refers to a set of rules and regulations the FIA set for racecars, […]