The Grass May Be a Little Greener with the Imports of SEMA 2013

In order to find the latest trends locally one has to keep up to date with what the rest of the world is doing. Whether it is  Asia or Europe the Imports of SEMA 2013 really wowed this year. Among the top of the import cars at the show was of course the Scion FR-S/ […]

The Home Grown Vehicles of SEMA 2013

Nothing says SEMA more than the good ol’ American Car. The 2013 SEMA Show  is the one show where all types of tuned vehicles from different countries are exhibited proudly, however nothing stands out like the Domestic cars there. From Camaros from the 60’s to ones of the present, to classic historical vehicles, and even […]

The Models of SEMA 2013

One of the biggest things noticeable at this year’s SEMA was the decrease in show models. We don’t know why the trend continues to diminish the presence of these lovely ladies who add a certain positive quality to the event. Nonetheless we managed to scope out these beautiful ladies and wanted to share the best […]