Top Drift Round 3 at Walt James Stadium

The 3rd round of┬áTop Drift has come and gone and let me tell you, I had an idea of how it might have gone, and it went the exact opposite. We started off by being about an hour and a half late because they closed the 5 freeway down due to a major accident. We […]

Attack that Time! The Redline Time Attack Opener

This past weekend many speed junkies and their fastest cars (for some their only cars) gathered on Saturday and Sunday at Buttonwillow Raceway in Buttonwillow, California for Redline’s Time Attack opener. There they ran practice laps and ultimately ran the time attack course to see who was fastest in their respective classes. The classes were […]

S14 Silvia to the rescue!

If you like Power Rangers as a kid and own an S14 now, this video will bring back some memories.