Install Motivation:

The DiF solid differential bushing eliminate the slop of the oem rubber bushings in the front of the 240sx differential housing. This modification is recommended when doing other things to the differential, such as changing out the internals, fixing a gasket leak, or changing out the rear differential cover.

Note that this bushing is only needed for S14 (’95-’98 240sx) differentials. S13 (’89-’94) differentials do not have rubber bushings in front, although they can use S14 differentials with a swapped rear differential cover.

Overall Install Time:

Several minutes if the differential is already removed from the vehicle. Approximately 60 minutes if differential needs to be dropped.

Install Difficulty (out of 5 stars, 5 being the most difficult):

1 star if differential is already removed from the vehicle, 2 stars if differential needs to be dropped.

Recommended Tools for Install:



Preparation and Install:

If the differential is still installed on the car, you will need to jack up the car and place it on jack stands. The differential is connected to the axles via 6 bolts and nuts on either side. There are 4 bolts and nuts attaching the differential to the driveshaft. It is connected to the subframe via 2 or 4 nuts and 2 bolts in the front.

DiF Solid Differential Bushing Set and Differential Gasket

Stock 240sx Differential

Stock 240sx Differential

Stock 240sx Differential

Although you can remove the differential as-is, it is potentially significantly easier if you also remove the rear sway bar and possibly exhaust (if you have an aftermarket one). A transmission jack is handy for lowering the differential to the ground. A second person also helps.

Once the differential is out, you can remove the stock bushings with a few simple tools. Flip the differential upside down. If you have a press, you can press out the old bushing. If not, a 7/8″ socket and a heavy metal mallet work perfectly to push the metal sleeve out of the bushing hole.

Removing differential bushing

Stock differential bushing

Old differential bushing partially removed

Below, the stock bushing is removed from the left hole and still attached on the right hole.

Stock differential bushing

After the stock bushing is removed, you can slip on the DiF solid differential bushing pieces, as shown. The washer side goes on top, while the other piece slips in through the bottom.

DiF differential bushing installed

DiF differential bushing installed

Install is opposite of removal.

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