How To Set CAS Timing on the SR20DET

Resetting your engine’s timing back to factory setting is pretty straightforward thanks to the markings provided on the CAS, cams, and pulleys.

This guide assumes that the timing chain is installed correctly. If there is any doubt on the installation of the timing chain, do not proceed as damage to your pistons/valves can occur.

Hand crank the engine until the two dark chain links line up with the notches on the cam sprockets. When the links line up with the notches, the timing marks on the pulley, the cam sprocket notches, and the dark links should be in a similar position as shown in the image below (Fig. 1), but with the crank pulley set to the 2nd mark to the left instead of the 1st.

Figure 1

After lining up the crank/cams, remove the two bolts holding the CAS, unplug it, and remove it from the cylinder head. On the CAS, there will be two notches on the shaft that are right next to each other. Looking at the CAS with the black cap towards your body, rotate the shaft until the right notch lines up with the notch on the CAS housing. Put the CAS back into the head carefully. If this procedure is done correctly, the second notch on the shaft should now line up with the notch on the housing, and the CAS position (can rotate it +-30 or so degrees…) should be centered. See image below for correct positioning of the CAS.

Replace the screws & plug in your CAS. Start your engine and let it warm up to normal operating temperature. After warmup, your engine should be idling around 850rpm – check your timing with a timing gun. Stock factory timing is at 15 degrees, which is the 2nd to last mark on the crank pulley.

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