Install Motivation:

15+ year old shift knobs are usually in poor shape and many aftermarket aluminum/titanium/etc shift knobs become too hot or too cold depending on the day and time. DiF’s delrin pawn shift knob stays comfortable to touch despite the surrounding temperature and conditions – it feels nice to hold, too!

Overall Install Time:

15-20 minutes

Install Difficulty (out of 5 stars, 5 being the most difficult):

1 star

Recommended Tools for Install:

  1. Blue threadlocker if you really want the shift knob to stay in place (or are paranoid about shift knobs unscrewing themselves)
  2. A shop/cloth towel and large vice grip if your stock shift knob has seized onto the shifter.


Preparation and Install:

This install is normally very straight forward.  You will need a DiF Delrin Pawn Shift Knob.

DiF Delrin Pawn Shift Knob

To install the shift knob, you will need to remove your old shift knob. Shift knobs are typically screwed on by hand, so all you have to do is twist the shift knob counter-clockwise by hand. If the old shift knob is refusing to cooperate, you can wrap the shift knob in a shop/cloth towel & use a large vice grip to loosen it.

S13 240sx old shifter

S13 240sx old shifter

S13 240sx old shifter removed

Once you have removed the old shift knob, you can simply screw on your new, comfortable to touch, DiF delrin shift knob. If you want, you can add a touch of blue threadlocker to lock the shift knob in place; this will also make the shift knob harder to remove later but still removable.

S13 240sx DiF Delrin Pawn Shift Knob installed

S13 240sx DiF Delrin Pawn Shift Knob installed

S13 240sx DiF Delrin Pawn Shift Knob installed

That completes the install. Now you can return to your car on a hot Summer’s day or a cold Winter’s night without worrying about burning or freezing your hand :-D.

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