Install Motivation:

This mod is for drifters (and occassional grippers) who like to use the ebrake to initiate a drift or even just induce some oversteer. The emergency brake occasionally doesn’t fully release with the stock ebrake setup if the driver doesn’t put the ebrake back into the correct position during release, typically due to being more worried about throttle position, steering angle, and corner exit.

The DiF “Drift Spin Turn” E-Brake Button reduces the chances of this happening by forcing the ebrake to stay in an unlocked position until the button is pushed back into locked position (i.e. for parking).

Overall Install Time:

15-20 minutes

Install Difficulty (out of 5 stars, 5 being the most difficult):

1 star

Recommended Tools for Install:

  1. 2 flat head screwdrivers
  2. 1 phillips screwdriver if you need to remove the center console

Preparation and Install:

This install is normally very straight forward. Of course, small complications (mentioned later) may arise depending on your luck

You will need a DiF Sping Turn Knob.

DiF Spin Turn Drift E-Brake Knob Button

To install the knob, you will need to first remove the stock vinyl boot covering the ebrake. A few wiggles & tugs should allow you to remove the ebrake boot cover. If you experience difficulty removing the cover, you can remove the radio bezel and center console (see notes below on removal instructions).

S13 240sx stock ebrake

S13 240sx stock ebrake boot cover half removed

S13 240sx stock ebrake spring tensioner

As you can see in the image above, there is a spring which pushes against the stock ebrake button. This spring forces the button back into the locked position. To disable/undo this behavior, we need to release the spring. There are 2 brackets on either side of the ebrake mechanism. Use one flat head screwdriver to push and hold the spring out of the way while you pull the metal brackets on each side with another flat head screwdriver.


S13 240sx stock ebrake driver side spring bracket

S13 240sx stock ebrake passenger side spring bracket


S13 240sx stock ebrake spring bracket released

S13 240sx stock ebrake spring bracket released

As you can see, there is now no spring to push the ebrake button back into place. This is great, except we want to leave the ebrake engaged sometimes (this is where the DiF Spin Turn Knob comes in).

Before installing the drift button/knob, we must replace the stock ebrake boot cover. Once that is reinstalled, pull up on the ebrake while pushing the spin turn knob into place by hand. You do not need to put a lot of force onto it since the knob has been machined specifically to fit snuggly over the OEM ebrake button.

S13 240sx ebrake boot cover reinstalled

S13 240sx DiF spin turn drift ebrake knob button installed

Now you can drift like the pros! Okay, maybe not; however, that’s all there is to the install.

How to use the DiF Spin Turn Knob

When in it’s normal position (pushed in), the ebrake will return to its resting position without you needing to guide it. Simply pull up on the ebrake and return to what you are doing and the ebrake will fall down by itself.

When you want to park or leave the ebrake engaged, pull up on the ebrake and use your thumb to push the ebrake button back out. This will lock the ebrake position.

[youtube height=”480″ width=”640″][/youtube]

Notes: Removing Radio Bezel and Center Console

If you need to remove the radio bezel and center console to have better access to the ebrake boot, you can do so with a flat head and phillips screwdriver. For the radio bezel, just use a flat head screwdriver to pry the bezel up; it is secured by 6 clips to the dash and center console.

To remove the center console, locate the 6 philips screws holding it to the dash and transmission tunnel. Once you lift it up past the shifter and ebrake, there are a few plugs underneath that may require disconnecting to fully get the center console out of the way.

S13 240sx center console screw removal points

S13 240sx center console screw removal points

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