RUF: A Cinematic Biography


RUF is one of the premier tuners for Porsche, reigning among elite Porsche tuners like 9ff & Gemballa.  They are the “Nismo”, “Ralliart”, “Brabus” for Porsche. Meticulously modifying Porsches to such a high degree, very little of the original car is left over besides the body and chassis.  For this reason, some cars are able to be rebranded as RUF.  Thanks to Gran Turismo, they are most famous for their CTR “Yellow Bird”, a highly modified 930 Turbo.  Not limited to just 911s, they are also known for shoehorning 3.6 and 3.8 911 engines into Boxsters and Caymans known as 3600S and 3800S, turning these docile sports cars into fire breathing, pavement devouring beasts.

The following is a 4 part biography on RUF featuring an interview with the founder’s son Alois Ruf Jr., who was interestingly enough, baptized in a waste oil container.


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