Car-Toon flash back!

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So who remembers these old cartoons?  Back in the day, they used to have shows like these on USA Network or KCOP13.  Focused solely on 1 thing, fighting bad guys with awesome cars.  There was a logjam of these types of cartoons.  I’m sure everybody has their favorite, but the following two seem to be the least mentioned when these discussions come up, but not for lack of pure win they possessed.

Turbo Teen was about a guy who transforms into a Corvette when his body temperature reaches a certain level.  A wacky premise to those of us firmly planted in reality, but an all too believable storyline to a naive 5 yr old.

Pole Position was based on a siblings who fought crime with their transforming cars and their mutant pet cat/gerbil/hamster/raccoon hybrid.  The brother drove what looked like a Dome Zero and the sister a 60s era Mustang. That’s about all there was to the storyline, but when your audience is between 3-6 yrs old it couldn’t be more fascinating.

Top of the heap in this category was probably M.A.S.K.  following a team of special agents whose cars were outfitted with weapons and tools suiting their particular specialty.  These vehicles also had the ability to transform into another form of transport.  Examples, such as the Camaro/jetfighter Jeep Wrangler/speedboat or Kawasaki Ninja/helicopter were especially mind blowing to the impressionable audience.

So what was your favorite car-toon?

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