Product Spotlight: Perrin Shift Knobs

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Recently at FR headquarters one of our staff members decided that a small and quick interior upgrade was in order for his 350Z. He decided to go with one of Perrin’s minimally styled shift knobs. Perrin primarily supplies the finest Subaru, Evo, and MINI Cooper products, however this was not going into any of those cars.

We actually discovered that the fat version of the Perrin knob made for the Mitsubishi Evo, fit the 350z’s thread pitch.

Here it is installed inside the cockpit of the Nissan 350z. I would have to agree that the design of the shift knob compliments the interior of the vehicle very well.

Because it is a shorter style knob, we had to place a zip tie on the inner portion of the leather boot in order to close the gap between the lower portion of the shift knob and the top of the boot. I’m sure that on the Evo it would had fit flawlessly but we were venturing into unknown territory here. All in all however it came out great. In case you too want a minimal and stealthy knob replacement, here are a few extra details on this clean looking Perrin shift knob.

The Perrin shift knob comes into two shapes, a slim style and a fat style. The Slim Knob is 1.6 inches thick while the Fat Knob is 1.85 inches thick. They also come in a stealthy black and grey color.

All of their shift knobs also include a height adjustment and locking nut. Perrin states that there is at least an inch of adjustment to the knob. Having one of these is great because you are guaranteed that no harm will come to your shifter-threads should you decide to change it up later.

Each of the Perrin Shift Knobs is also hand textured and anodized. This allows for a secure grip on the knob and a long lasting finish. In our Nissan 350Z this texture blended in very well with the rest of the interior.

Whether you have a six speed or five speed shouldn’t matter either since Perrin provides you with three different shift pattern stickers for those two transmission types. One of the stickers is just a Perrin logo for those of you that know your cars shift pattern by heart.

The Perrin shift knob simply looks the part and feels extremely well made. It is actually fabricated here in the U.S in the state of Oregon. We thought we would share some of these install pics with you in case you too were in need of well a made and stealthy shift knob.

Be sure to check out the product on our site in case you decide to pick one up for yourselves too (click here). Remember to cross reference pitch thread sizes for your vehicle if it isn’t already listed on their website.

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