What If There Was a Back to the Future KITT Car!?


Finding the answer to that question may one day be answered in an epic abomination of a car. For now however we can only content ourselves with this amazeballs’ Back to the Future and Knight Rider Mashup on the YouTube. Being a kid from the 80’s literally brought back certain feelings in my gut after watching this that only have emerged when, a. I have one amazing Cronut (a ridiculously amazing hybrid donut & croissant pastry) or b. when Jessica Biel asks “Me” to Prom and we end up being prom king and queen together while riding off into the night on a unicorn in the dream to end all dreams haha!

If you too are in love with the geekyness of Back to the Future and the swag of the Hoff’ (David Hasselhoff to be exact), than you have to do your self a favor and watch the clip below. Too big fans of these shows may come to their knees in utter amazement and nostalgia!

[youtube height=”HEIGHT” width=”WIDTH”]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zzYBge4193M#t=26[/youtube]


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