2014 SCCA ProSolo Championship Tour Round 6 Coverage

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2014 SCCA ProSolo Championship Tour Round 6-033

Date: June 7th, 2014

Event: 2014 SCCA Auto-X at NASA’s Crows Landing Airport

Location: Crows Landing, California

Last weekend our SCCA faithful participants (and Co-Workers) ventured up north, near San Francisco, to participate in the 6th round of the SCCA ProSolo Championship Tour. The event took place at NASA’s Crows Landing Airport and the following are some of the best images of the event. Nestled in the fertile grounds of North Central California, the competition usually attracts the best of NorCal and SoCal to the event. The team had an amazing time and our certified SCCA photographer Donny Ton captured the events of the day flawlessly. Make sure to check out the gallery by clicking on the gallery button below.

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