The Pros and Cons of Magnetic Oil Drain Plugs

Magnetic oil drain plugs have been around for years. The question remains, “does a magnetic drain plug really benefit a car’s health?” We’ve heard both sides and decided to sum up some information. So, what are the pros and cons? PROS PROTECT YOUR ENGINE – By removing the metallic particles from cycling back through your engine […]

The Nissan Z Hits Production With 400 HP

We’ve been waiting for this moment for a while! Nissan has finally started production on the new 2023 Nissan Z sports car. Although we thought the debut of the prototype looked a bit unfinished, Nissan has listened in and have implemented a host of design changes in the final version. And we gotta say, “We […]

Replacing Worn Exhaust Hangers

Any unusual sounds coming from your vehicle should be checked out immediately. If knocking sounds are coming from your car (or if you see sparks), it could due to vibrating or dragging exhaust component, such as a muffler. Exhaust hangers are what holds the exhaust parts onto the body of your car. Since the exhaust system is so […]