Bought the 1:24 Silvia, “Tore the M**** F****** Roof Off.”

During more down time while working on the project car and waiting for parts to come in, I was inspired by one of Jay Z’s songs. Since I couldn’t find an S13 convertible scale model, I decided to mod my own. It was time to bust out the cordless Dremel (ballin!) and the plastic bit […]

1:24 Scale Nissan S13 Silvia – 1/24 the Size, 100% the Fun!

Sometimes it gets tiring working on Kandi 2.0; that’s probably why I still haven’t finished it after 3 years. I picked up this 1:24 scale Nissan S13 Silvia during my trip to Japan. It would have been awesome to find an S13 convertible, but this one will do. It’s been many years since I’ve touched […]