We Stop By the 2014 Toyotafest to Check Out the Best the Brand Has to Offer

Date: May 3rd, 2014 Event: The 2014 Toyotafest Autoshow Location: The Queen Mary @ Long Beach, Ca The 19th Annual Toyotafest got underway this past weekend and it truly was a show for all the ages. From classic Toyota vehicles to the modern Scion and Lexus models, there was much to see at the event. […]

Lexus Embarks on a Mission to Lose Old Man Association (Updated)

When you think of Lexus, or let me correct that, when I think of Lexus either an old man and a walker come to mind or a really cool 90’s VIP Scene car come to mind. Nowhere in the past 2 to 3 years have I considered Lexus to be a car brand that excites […]

Lexus Previews the Next Generation IS

Today Lexus released the first batch of photos of the next generation IS. From the images it looks like the smaller sub-compact brother has inherited the aggressive yet elegant front fascia of the other Lexus siblings. These stylistic changes should resonate through out the IS line up with minor changes differentiating ┬áthe F-Sport and regular […]