SEMA 2014 Highlights: The Domestics

V8 Motors, Mustangs, and Classic Muscle encompassed the 2014 SEMA show floor this year. One of the newest stars for the domestic vehicle side was the new and re-designed 2015 Ford Mustang. The show was teeming with the pony car as many tuners sought to personalize the new vehicle and make an impact with the […]

American Machines at SEMA 2012

Throughout SEMA many exhibitors attend the show only to showcase their beautiful custom cars or their meticulously restored classics. This statement could not apply more to anyone else than to those who customize domestic vehicles, or cars made in the United States. On this voting day here in the U.S., there is no better way to pay […]

Car-Toon flash back!

So who remembers these old cartoons?  Back in the day, they used to have shows like these on USA Network or KCOP13.  Focused solely on 1 thing, fighting bad guys with awesome cars.  There was a logjam of these types of cartoons.  I’m sure everybody has their favorite, but the following two seem to be […]