UK’s GT Version of the Toyota 86

Buckinghamshire based race and tuning company, GPRM, has finished their proposed GT4 racer and have again used the Toyota 86 as canvas. The vehicle is FIA compliant and will be out shredding ┬áthe track later this February. The overall design of this GT4-ready GT86 looks subtly menacing with its huge rear deck spoiler and center […]

The Subaru BRZ and Toyota 86 Now On Hyper Rev

The ever popular Hyper Rev magazine featuring the Toyota GT-86 and the Subaru BRZ is now available for pre-order through! Hyper Rev is the magazine that all import tuners look to for inspiration on their tuning projects. With the popularity of the Subaru and Toyota brothers up to extremely high levels, it was only […]

5×114.3 Wheels on the FR-S/BRZ/GT86

Do you currently own a Scion FR-S, Subaru BRZ, or Toyota GT-86 and are a little disappointed about the wheel choices out there? As it stands the P.C.D. on these vehicles is 5 x 100 and the aftermarket wheel choices for this specification are slim. You don’t have to be stuck with this specific size […]

A Legendary Drift Move Indeed

Over the years Drifting has become an established sport here in the United States. Even though we have seen most of the tricks these guys can perform out there on the track, one stunt however still tops them all. The legen… wait for it… dary, “360 Spin to a Transition Drift”. Don’t know what I’m […]