Gymkhana + Ferrari = WIN

Most rich one percenters would be satisfied with touring their supreme race cars around town. Maybe a light 45 mph dash to a Whole Foods or a quick sprint to the Mortons drive-through, not this guy however. Here is a video from the UK showing a very down to earth gentleman (the car is extremely […]

A Pair of Exquisite JDM Gems

This video has been setting off the view count on Vimeo like crazy. The “San Francisco Skyline” film by the talented guys over at (more cinematic videos are available there) shines a very cinematic light on these classic JDM Skylines. Owning one of  them is rare, but two is almost unheard of. Check out the video […]

X-play’s Sneak Peek at a Real-Life HALO 4 Warthog

X-play is a video game show  from that comments on the latest video games, previews upcoming games, and does lots more. Recently however, they showed a little love to the automobile community by debuting an exclusive preview of a prototype, HALO 4 Warthog developed by the Aria Group here in Irvine California. It’s still clearly in […]

What’s 1200 hp and weights 2600lbs?

See what 1200hp wrapped in a 2600lb packaged does. [youtube height=”1200″ width=”800″][/youtube]

Lighter is Better

TI Racing Exige proves lighter is always better.  Utilizing full carbon fiber body work as well as other weight shedding techniques, it out paces a supercharged Exige 260 Cup Car off the show room floor.  Even more impressive is the TI Racing Exige does not utilize forced induction to boost horse power.  It is the […]

Rauh Welt Porsche in Motion

Some video of illusive Porsche tuner Rauh Welt’s 911 out in the wild. Turn up your speakers to hear the 911’s horizontal 6 sing.