Boost for $1.19? iPhone turbocharger app

If you don’t have boost, well now you can for $1.19. The iPhone app can be purchased from the Apple iTunes store. This iBoost app utilizes the built-in accelerometers to make fun blow off valve sounds as you drive. Here’s what the author says: Overview Using iPhone’s built-in accelerometer, iBoost works like a real […]

S14 Silvia to the rescue!

If you like Power Rangers as a kid and own an S14 now, this video will bring back some memories.

How much camber is too much?

How much camber is too much?  Apparently not enough for this enthusiast from Japan.  Extreme camber for the sake of fitting the widest wheels imaginable might be crazy to us, but is an everyday thing for this enthusiast.  The more sparks the better.

Lego sequential gearbox

Future engineer in the making?  The level of detail is amazing! Check out more of Fernando’s work here.

Mercedes 190 w/ 3.5L V8 F1 motor.

Powered by Judd 3.5L v8 F1 motor, the 564HP Mercedes 190E just screams its way to 9900RPM…just watch and listen.

Old school rally compilation.

Interesting to see how far rallying has come in a short period of time.  Here’s a look at some ‘old school’ rallying.