When your exhaust is too loud, exhaust inserts can help.

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Everyone knows that the easiest way to get pulled over is a loud exhaust. It is the first thing a cop will see and hear. Exhaust is an easy “reasonable doubt” that Police Officers can play on you. They can extrapolate ideas and reasons why you have an exhaust. One example, is a modified engine. Most modified engines will have an aftermarket exhaust that are bigger, louder, and meaner. All the reasons to make you a prime candidate to pull over.

So what do you do? Well, make it quieter. I won’t go over all the different type of resonators and mufflers you can use, but I will show you an innovative product that have been around for as early as the 60’s. Exhaust inserts have been used in Hot Rods in the early days. These miniature resonator/mufflers are versatile and allow Hotrodders to have sound suppression in tight areas. Areas that you cannot add a conventional resonator or muffler. How do you install them? Well, you insert them inside your exhaust piping. If possible, use force or a hammer to make sure it’s tight. Otherwise rattling will become your best friend. I would recommend to put it right before a bend. See pictures below.

These exhaust inserts will create a large surface area inside the exhaust piping to direct exhaust gas flow and reduce noise levels. They will somewhat reduce exhaust gas flow, but for amount of tickets nowadays, I think you can shave off a few ponies.

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