TH2 RS: The Baddest Van in all the Land

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200mph is not usually used to describe the VW Transporter van’s maximum velocity, but in this iteration, the TH2 RS fits every bit of that description.  TH Automotive has done the unthinkable, achieving double Benjamins in a cargo van, proving with enough money and not enough sense anything is possible.  To achieve this lofty goal, TH Automotive has employed the motivation of a 9ff tuned 911 Twin Turbo flat-six with about 800 horses; enough to propel this green breadbox to ludicrous speed.  The original engine being located in front, the floor had to be cut and rear suspension rearranged in order to fit the new power plant.  Maintaining control at ludicrous in a green box is easily achieved by H&R air suspension that auto adjusts as the speed increases.  The TH2 is available in two flavors the van or pickup configurations of the VW Transporter.  The price for admission about 169,500 Euros, which by the time you read this should be equivalent to dollars…

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