Images From the Opening of the SCCA ProSolo Season Opener


2013 April El Toro Pro Solo-33

The SCCA ProSolo Series starts off Round 1 in the El Toro Air Field of California. Greeted by the cool west coast ocean breeze, drivers from all around the country showed up.

Over 200 entries registered to race side by side with the Christmas Tree start with other passionate racers within their car class. After the competition, the racing continued with the Ladies Challenge, Super Challenge and Bonus Challenge. The Ladies Challenge featured the top 8 fastest ladies and pitted them against one another until only one driver emerged. The Super Challenge took the top 32 fastest drivers of Round 1 and lined them against each other regardless of car class. The Bonus Challenge pulled 8 lucky drivers from a lottery pick and had them race each other for the top spot.

The course was beautifully designed with many challenging aspects and a technical twist. Overall, Round 1 was an excellent start to the season!

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