Redline Time Attack 2013 Round 5: Button Willow Raceway

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Round 5 was in the middle of July, and to say it was warm, is an understatement! At one point track site temps where hitting 115 F – 120 F degrees. But even with the heat it was a good weekend.



The car was feeling good on Saturday’s practice. Solid suspension, healthy engine. So we decided not to push it on Saturday and leave it for Sunday.


It was nice to relax at the track and enjoy the day. Hang out with some cool people and watch a track day.



Some making up a new track as they went, HAHA.


The Redline Girl didn’t seem to mind the heat one bit.


 Competition day rolled around and we took a quick look around the car to make sure everything was running well, and headed out for our first run.


When its this hot, the morning session is your only shot to get the best time. With temperatures rising, it only hinders the car more and more.

After the morning session we knew we weren’t going to better the time, and where decently happy with our time of 1:54.7


Turned out to be a good enough time to take first in Modified RWD and overall fast lap of the day.


So with this victory, and heat, it was time for a refreshing champagne shower!


M7 Energy drink was nice enough to provide us with enough caffeineto take down a horse for taking the win as well. Adrian was quite happy, and I had energy to stay away for the drive back home!


Check out the full gallery!

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