Mishimoto Further Improves Changing Your Oil

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For those of us with the need to want to know more about our car or have a custom Oil Cooler set up in our car, purchasing an Oil Sandwich Adapter that is as versatile as our innovation is truly important.


Providing us, the sport compact tuners, with great aftermarket items like the adapter above is what Mishimoto does best. The Mishimoto MMOP-SPTR Oil Sandwich Adapter is versatile in a couple of interesting ways.


One, the finish and design of their products is top-notch. One will not find a single thread marred or warped or even the coloring of f  on the actual finish (Which of course is of major importance to show-going enthusiast). 


The second reason this adapter truly stands out is because of all the connectivity and versatility it offers. It comes standard with two  M20 x 1.5 ports allowing you to hook up to many oil cooler applications, two 1/8” NPT ports for connecting little feedback gadgets like an oil temperature sensor, and it also has a thermostat built-in allowing for the oil with the best operating temperatures through.


If you or a friend are performing any sort of Oil Adapter mods to your car this Mishimoto Adapter is a great future-proof component to consider. I know I personally would love to re-locate the horrible location of my oil filter to a more easily accessible spot on my SR20 and having an adapter like this for my car would open the possibilities for future customization as well. If you too want to pick up a unit for your self simply, click here to shop the Mishimoto MMOP-SPTR item  now. You will thank your future innovator-self. 

(source: Mishimoto)

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