Tomei Titanium Test Pipe Install on Nissan 240sx.

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Recently I replaced my factory test pipe on my Nissan 240SX. The reason being that on the S14, the test pipe is really just a dummy catalytic converter and has a round chamber the exhaust gas simply pass through instead of flowing straight through like a normal pipe. This Tomei Titanium Straight Pipe Install might have freed up a little more horse power, however I did not dyno the car so I can’t say for sure, but it did certainly helped my car sound better and lost some weight in the process.
Robs Tomei Exhaust Ti Test Pipe Install-001
Here we have the stock (test pipe/ dummy cat) in the middle. To the left is the piping that leads to my Rein Hard exhaust and to the right the old stock down pipe.
Robs Tomei Exhaust Ti Test Pipe Install-005
the first order of business was to remove the bolts that held the down pipe to the exhaust. I used a 14 mm box end wrench.
Robs Tomei Exhaust Ti Test Pipe Install-011
Due to corrosion and the lack of anti-seize the back bolts got stuck when I was trying to remove them, so with the assistance of the ever helpful Adrian (who normally works on our Subaru BRZ) I used the impact gun to remove the back bolts while he held it in place.
Robs Tomei Exhaust Ti Test Pipe Install-012
The unit we removed  was 5.9 lbs worth of metal. It would have been more if it was an actual catalytic converter and not a dummy cat. (Keep this in mind if you are planning on replacing your actual catalytic converter with the Tomei Ti unit)
Robs Tomei Exhaust Ti Test Pipe Install-013
The Tomei Ti Test Pipe only weighed 1.75 lbs including the bottle of bolt smooth paste (which doesn’t even go on the car), gaskets, and new hardware; all of which were included with the test pipe. That is a weight savings of 4.15 lbs. and  is a huge difference for such a small piece of pipe and flange!!!
Robs Tomei Exhaust Ti Test Pipe Install-019
As you can see the fitment was spot on. It simply fit perfectly.
Robs Tomei Exhaust Ti Test Pipe Install-020
Installation was as easy as applying bolt smooth paste and sliding the bolt through the holes and screwing on the nuts to tighten the test pipe to the other parts of the exhaust.
Robs Tomei Exhaust Ti Test Pipe Install-025
Here you can see the perfect fitment once bolted up and notice the difference in size from the stock down pipe to the test pipe. The pipe being straight and not a empty chamber increased flow and helped improve the engine’s sound.
Robs Tomei Exhaust Ti Test Pipe Install-028
Here is how everything looked once it was all bolted up, nice and easy installation. I could not be any happier with Tomei’s test pipe at the end of the day. The installation went as smooth as possible, the biggest hang up of time was the old bolts getting stuck due to the corrosion found under the car. The total install time with putting the car on the lift was around 20 minutes. This included the time to stop and weigh things and taking photos.

After installing this item on my personal car, it is my belief that this test pipe would be a great addition to any exhaust combination on any Nissan S chassis car, I truly recommend this easy and functional mod!

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