Five:AD Pushing the Boundaries of Design for the FR-S

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While strolling through the park in front of the Queen Mary at Long Beach for the 2014 Toyotafest, I  happened to come across the Five:AD booth nestled in the middle of the recent car show. 

2014 Toyotafest -090

What caught my attention wasn’t their awesome display of intricately designed wheels,

 2014 Toyotafest -089

Or their ever popular rear spoilers, which FR Sport sells here by the way. 

 2014 Toyotafest -091

No, right smack in front of their display was this uniquely painted Scion FR-S. As I walked past all the other FR-S cars this one for some reason caught my attention. 

 2014 Toyotafest -085

The fact that it had a complete Five:AD kit was one of the reasons, but even more astonishing than that was the two-tone paint job it sported. The top half was a shiny Firestorm Red, a paint color offered by Scion, and the bottom portion seemed to be a gray, matte  alternative paint job; or so I thought.

2014 Toyotafest -087

Upon further inspection I noticed a ridge separating the Gray and Firestorm Red and simply had to know what was going on here. The execution of what I then thought was a paint job was immaculate. It also had miniature Five:AD badges that I hadn’t normally seen on the Five:AD  side-skirts.

 2014 Toyotafest -104

Even the interior seemed to make an impression; with its Ultra Red TRD knob screaming for emphasis. 

2014 Toyotafest -088

I glanced towards the booth and saw a representative just hanging out and proceeded to talk to him about the car. It turns out he was one of the product designers of the Five:AD kits and knew what was the deal with the car’s color scheme. He went on to say that the two tone color option is special feature/service offered by their shop. The Matte Gray that I thought was a well executed paint job, was actually a well executed vinyl job. I thought this was especially cool considering we have lots of customers looking to differentiate their Scion FR-S cars and the application was spot on.

2014 Toyotafest -086

 After being enlightened and wowed by the concept, I grabbed a quick shot of the serious wheel-brake-stance set up, and walked around the car a couple more times doing  my best impression of a serious photographer; making sure not to miss any crucial angles.

The Toyotafest this year was an exceptional outing. There were a plethora of Old school and New School cars to check out and I was truly lucky to stumble upon this great design. Keep an eye out for the coverage post and gallery of the 2014 Toyotafest which should be up soon!

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