The FR Sport BRZ Gets Some Sub Frame Rigidity

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On a simple day where you don’t really feel like doing a grand install, you can pick up some Stance Sub frame collars and do a quick and easy install on the car. These collars reinforce the bushings at the four contact points in the sub frame and allows for better driver feedback and control. This is what we performed on the FR Sport BRZ.

Stance Subframe Collars on the Subaru BRZ-021

So the basic initial step that we did was to get the car in the air. We used our lift (luckily) to raise the car, but you may have to just use a floor jack and jack stands. You can just get the rear end up and in the air.

Stance Subframe Collars on the Subaru BRZ-001

Since the install is quick and easy, we tackled it right away. We started with un-bolting the front bolts on the sub frame. We figured that by loosening the front bolts on the bracket, the big bolt would just come out a lot easier.

Stance Subframe Collars on the Subaru BRZ-002

By unbolting the front sub-frame bolts, the big bolt just comes undone. Surprisingly, it just came out. At first, it may look a bit confusing but we figured out that the collar with the thickest ridge goes on the bottom and the smaller one goes on top.

Stance Subframe Collars on the Subaru BRZ-024

SO basically the top collar is wedged in between the top of the sub-frame bushing and the chassis of the car. Then once that is in there, we just slid the bottom collar between the bushing and the metal plate. We lined up the holes and shoved the big bolt in, holding everything in place.

Stance Subframe Collars on the Subaru BRZ-026

We then repeated the same steps on the other 3 sub-frame bushing connections; the other bushing connection toward the front of the sub-frame and the two by the exhaust towards the rear.

Stance Subframe Collars on the Subaru BRZ-022

We knew that these sub-frame collars would make a huge improvement in handling. Just by the construction of the parts alone, we can already tell that it will be strong.  It’s definitely a piece that will tighten the handling on the BRZ.

Once we finished up,  we made sure that everything was tightened up and put away. Then we went for a quick drive to see the changes. It was definitely a lot more stable and responsive than before. If you too need to pick some up for your car, click here to browse them on FR Sport’s site.

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