2014 Redline Time Attack Round 4 Competition Day Results

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On the weekend of June 21st and 22nd some of the fastest and most seasoned Time Attack guys put the pedal to the metal and competed in the 4th Round of the Time Attack Series. The event was held at the Willow Springs International Raceway in Rosamond California.

Some notable names that have been staying up in the standings would be Amir Bententou and Adam Knapik in their respective classes. Massimo Power was able to bring their strong Evo back put and down a formidable time out the track with Adam on the reigns. Much more action was captured by our cameras and can be viewed through the link below.

Now without further ado however,  you will find the list of winners for each class that participated in the competition on Sunday below. Again after the results make sure to click on the gallery button to check out even more highlights of the day’s events. 

 2014 Redline Time Attack Round 4-106

Unlimited RWD Class

 01:32.832 #80 Stephanie Cemo

01:38.155 #90 Roy Narvaez

01:46.976 #40 Catherine Tran

 2014 Redline Time Attack Round 4-048

Modified RWD

01:24.510 #83 Cody Kishell

 01:32.717 #100 Mike Kang

01:34.571 #63 Jason Kim

 2014 Redline Time Attack Round 4-011

Modified FWD

01:36.272 #68 Joseph Bundalin

01:37.146 #17 Efrain Flores

01:39.573 #75 Matt Padilla

 2014 Redline Time Attack Round 4-071

Modified AWD

01:25.658 #101 Adam Knapik

01:29.322 #94 Zhong Cheung

01:29.649 #62 John Carson

 2014 Redline Time Attack Round 4-055

Street RWD

01:30.639 #100 Casey Dennis

01:33.336 #13 Jay Laoharoj

01:33.853 #396 Tony Fuentes

 2014 Redline Time Attack Round 4-091

Street FWD

01:37.258 #78 Kristian Wong

01:38.003 #102 David Martinez

01:38.800 #50 Joel Etrata

 2014 Redline Time Attack Round 4-134

Street AWD

01:26.566 #45 Mark Jager

01:30.550 #15 Ray Ornelas

 01:33.547 #23 Tony Brown

 2014 Redline Time Attack Round 4-117

Enthusiast RWD

01:31.914 #158 Amir Bententou

01:38.982 #88 Dominic Bautista

01:41.015 #32 Attila Acs

 2014 Redline Time Attack Round 4-098

Enthusiast AWD

01:30.758 #71 Ken Kasitz

01:41.241 #28 Charles Libolt

01:43.305 #58 Neil Casupang

To browse through some more of the best images taken at the 4th Round of the 2014 Redline Time Attack Competition please click on the gallery button below. 

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