And You Thought Your Model Car Was Good

Being an art major and having a true appreciation for all things handmade was one of the main reasons that this short bio pic captured my attention. It’s a quick video by Obscura Magazine about Philip Mitchell, a professional and degree certified model builder; yes you heard right, this guy got a degree in modeling […]

The New & Funky Designs of 2014 F1 Cars

If you have been living under a rock or simply aren’t into Formula 1 racing, the news of the new regulations and design of the cars have probably slipped your mind. Here to help you catch up with the rest of us (and possibly mock the new front ends together of course) are the new […]

The “Extrema” by Brembo, A Caliper on Steroids

Just when you thought you had the best calipers around town, a new kid shows up with something even better. Normally you could out shine him after a few paychecks or odd side jobs, except this time the new kid is the all new 2014 Ferrari La Ferrari and he (she?) is wearing Brembo’s brand […]

Gymkhana + Ferrari = WIN

Most rich one percenters would be satisfied with touring their supreme race cars around town. Maybe a light 45 mph dash to a Whole Foods or a quick sprint to the Mortons drive-through, not this guy however. Here is a video from the UK showing a very down to earth gentleman (the car is extremely […]

Ferrari F1 Through the Years

Here’s a cool Shell commercial featuring marquee Ferrari F1 cars throughout its racing history. ┬áTurn up the volume and enjoy the authentic engine sounds. [youtube height=”HEIGHT” width=”WIDTH”][/youtube]

The Imports of SEMA

The SEMA show (Specialty Equipment Market Association), isn’t just a place where Mustangs and Chargers prevail. The import scene was not to be outdone this year either. Leading the imports was the Scion FR-S. It won “The Hottest Import” award at the show and in the process beat out many formidable import cars. One couldn’t […]