And You Thought Your Model Car Was Good

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Being an art major and having a true appreciation for all things handmade was one of the main reasons that this short bio pic captured my attention. It’s a quick video by Obscura Magazine about Philip Mitchell, a professional and degree certified model builder; yes you heard right, this guy got a degree in modeling cars.

It quickly shows him finishing off a classic Ferrari vehicle with an airbrush gun and other fine tools. I was completely blown away by the detail in his model car and by the fact that even wear and tear are present in his highly veristic project. If you have a few seconds check out the video, I know I already made a list in my head of at least 20 JDM cars I would have him do if I had the money. Not content with simply looking at the video and have a few thousand bucks to spare, you can visit the Amalgam Online Store and very quickly loose that spare change.

(Source: Obscura Vision)

[vimeo height=”HEIGHT” width=”WIDTH”][/vimeo]

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