Robots Making Your Subaru BRZ & Scion FR-S

In this day in age it is harder and harder to find things that are actually made by human hands entirely. Some of the guys here at work joke around at the notion that one day we will all be using some of those lazyboys used in the movie “Wall-E”. Until then however we have […]

Our FR SPORT BRZ Gets an Exhaust Upgrade

The FR SPORT team had installed this amazing Blitz Nur Spec C-Ti exhaust a few weeks ago but hadn’t had the opportunity until recently to publish all the details of the install until now. Below is a step by step guide on how we installed this ultra, JDM Blitz exhaust.   The evening after work […]

FRSport at the 2013 86FEST

For the first time in its history, FRSport had the opportunity to have a booth at one of Southern California’s most popular car shows and brought out two big guns out to the event! One of them was our brand new Subaru BRZ and the other was our large selection of performance products for the […]

We Install a DIF Drift Knob Into our Subaru BRZ (FR-S)

One of the best things about owning a rear wheel drive car is that you can pull the E-brake lever and drift it till-midnight-come’. Out of the factory however the Subaru BRZ comes with a spring within the e-brake button locking the e-brake in place and therefore preventing you to drift since one needs the […]

DIF Pawn Shiftknob Install on the FRSport BRZ

The official FRSport BRZ Build has begun and we are starting the modding process with small items anybody can change. In this case we are changing the shifter knob with DIF’s brand new Pawn Shift Knob.   The stock shift knob on the BRZ is actually very nice already. It is leather wrapped, feels sturdy, […]

A Legendary Drift Move Indeed

Over the years Drifting has become an established sport here in the United States. Even though we have seen most of the tricks these guys can perform out there on the track, one stunt however still tops them all. The legen… wait for it… dary, “360 Spin to a Transition Drift”. Don’t know what I’m […]