DIF Pawn Shiftknob Install on the FRSport BRZ

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The official FRSport BRZ Build has begun and we are starting the modding process with small items anybody can change. In this case we are changing the shifter knob with DIF’s brand new Pawn Shift Knob.

 BRZ DIF Shiftknob Install-001

The stock shift knob on the BRZ is actually very nice already. It is leather wrapped, feels sturdy, and has some metal construction. Because we want the stock shift knob to remain in tip top shape we are swapping it on and off as we see fit or as we participate in track events; the DIF shift knob is capable of being held better at the end of the day.

 BRZ DIF Shiftknob Install-002

We do a lot of driving with this car, both touring and tracking,  and there are three main benefits for sporting this DIF shift knob that we have discovered. One, it will stay cooler than the stock leather and metal unit. Two, it is way more ergonomical than the one that came with the BRZ and three, it will help us retain a mint look to our BRZ leather shift knob. 

BRZ DIF Shiftknob Install-003

For reference purposes here is a ruler we placed next to the stock unit. You can see that from the bottom of the metal shifter mechanism there lie a total of 4 inches. We will do the same with the DIF unit.

BRZ DIF Shiftknob Install-004

The installation of the DIF Pawn shift knob is very straight forward. All one has to do is spin the factory knob counter clockwise and remove it from the shifter lever.

BRZ DIF Shiftknob Install-007

The installation of the shift knob is the opposite. Simply place the unit above the shifter lever and screw it on in a clockwise manner. Turn it until you feel it has gone on there tightly. If you race out in the track you will need to make sure it doesn’t start becoming loose at 100+ mile sper hour; that;s how tight it needs to be.

BRZ DIF Shiftknob Install-006

BRZ DIF Shiftknob Install-005

Above are some more images just to give you an idea of how it sits in the cabin. As you can see the shape and design of the shift knob actually compliments the cabin quite well. 

BRZ DIF Shiftknob Install-008

The image above again demonstrates the height difference between the DIF and the Stock shift knob. You can see that  with the DIF Shift Knob you gain about an inch in height. The change is a welcomed one as this increase in length, combined with the shape of the unit enhances the over all shifting feel.

BRZ DIF Shiftknob Install-011

BRZ DIF Shiftknob Install-010

Here a couple more shots of the unit installed. I like how it is very subtle and the bottom portion of the shifter coinsides with the metla portion of the shifting lever.

BRZ DIF Shiftknob Install-012

BRZ DIF Shiftknob Install-016

The DIF Shift Knob doesn’t only come in a black  hue, it is also available in white. Is this further influence from the game of chess? Perhaps, all we know is that this Pawn Shift Knob is definitely “winning” in our BRZ’s cabin.

Ultimately the inclusion of this shift knob is a welcomed mod considering we (the FRSport Team) live in Southern California. Whether we are driving back and forth in Orange County or are hanging out with you guys trackside, this little polyoxymethylene shift knob (or Delrin for those of us with speech impediments) is sure to save our hands from sudden burns!

*Liked the design or functionality of the DIF Pawn Shift Knoband want one for yourself? To purchase either a black one or a white one click here to be re-directed. 

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