Nissan’s 400 Horsepower Miniscule Giant

What produces over 400 horsepower, has a better power per kilo rating than a Formula 1 engine, and can hold a turbo the size of huge Honeydew Melon on top of it?   If you said some sort of new V8, V6, or even inline 4  engine you are wrong. It is the brand new […]

The BMW i8, Priced from $135,925, Makes Its Debut

Using the same recipe as recent Jaguar and Toyota Prototypes, the BMW i8 made its debut yesterday at the Frankfurt Autoshow. The BMW i8 uses a combination of twin turbo power and regenerative electric powered motors to produce an overall power of 362HP.  This is BMW’s first plug-in hybrid and considered by BMW as their […]

The Future is Almost Here.

With the dawn of a new auto show season people are getting very excited about the cars that are to debut at the 2013 Frankfurt Autoshow. From BMW to Lexus, word on the interwebs’ is that some highly epic cars are soon to be unveiled at Germany’s premiere auto event. The BMW i8 is one […]

2013 Honda CR-Z

Despite lackluster sales figures due to price tag and not living up to its sporty aspirations, the CR-Z soldiers on for 2013. Upgrades include new LED turn signal strip in the headlamps, new front chin spoiler and new paint options, as well as leather interior. To satisfy the petrol heads, Honda has bumped horsepower to […]

F20C Rear Wheel Drive EG?

Making the rounds on the internet today is this F20C powered EG sliding around…. vid of it in action Its a little bizarre to see an EG behaving like a RWD…