It’s… ALIVEEEEEEEE! Kandi 2.0 Grand Re-Opening

It’s been many months since I’ve updated progress on the car, but for good reason! School started picking up again, so the project was kind of on hold for a lot of 2013 & I wanted to have some significant progress before posting again. I also wanted to finish her up and debut her at […]

I Like Big Wheels, and I Cannot Lie

At one point, my car had all its body panels, suspension, and drivetrain… then I pulled it all out again. Feels like I’m working backwards! On a positive note, since I had to pull the engine again to fix some miscellaneous issues, I was able to make space to get some more optional bracing installed […]

Mother Father Instant Gentleman

With the drivetrain in and the suspension installed, I noticed I had a bunch of body kit parts lying against the wall. They shouldn’t be on the wall, they should be on my car! I had originally picked up this body kit to install on Kandi 1.0 after my off-course excursion during one the of […]

You Drive Me Crazy, I Just Can’t Sleep… Until Kandi 2.0 is Complete

With the footwork on Kandi 2.0 mostly settled, I decided to work on the drivetrain. Most of this work was done at the end of 2011 through 2012 (yup, we’re still catching up on my build, but we’re getting closer to present day!). My road racing friend Jimi had an LS1 setup on his S14 […]