Boba Fett’s New Aston Martin Hyper Car is Here

Aston Martin has recently announced the release of a track-only hyper-car slated to be in the same league as the Ferrari La Ferrari, Lamborghini Veneno, and the McLaren P1 GTR. The car you see above, the Aston Martin Vulcan,  will be publicly revealed at the 2015 Geneva Auto Show to the masses and you can […]

McLaren Releases More Info on P1 GTR & Driver Programme

After the concept for the McLaren P1 GTR was unveiled at this year’s 2014 Concourse D’elegance, details continue to leak on what will be one of the most exclusive car clubs in the world. The car club resembles one similarly created for the Ferrari 599XX Evo but knowing McLaren’s thirst for flair will probably feature some […]

TRD Japan Introduces Two Griffon Based GT86 Concepts

On August 3, 2013, TRD Japan released two new concept Toyota GT86 Cars that noticeably take stylistic cues from the company’s “Griffon” Race car.  TRD released a both a track ready version of the GT86 as well as a street oriented vehicle at the Fuji 86Style festival in Japan. Both of these cars are mere concepts as […]