The REAL ZEAL: Endless Zeal Function-X Coilover Review

The ZEAL line of coilovers produced by Endless was introduced in 2004 and is one of the top-of-line, off the shelf coilover systems you can buy today.   Since 1986, Endless has been committed to the goal of  producing “the highest quality product for the circuit as well as an item that performs on the […]

Low Key in Berkeley

On August 27th I found myself driving up to Berkeley to see a concert and check out the area. Sadly, I hadn’t seen very many “Tuner” cars up there the whole weekend. It wasn’t until we were filling up at a gas station, ready to head home, that I spotted a super-low VIP LS Celsior […]

Replacing the Starter on My Own 180SX Type X Project

Working on your vehicle comes about primarily for two reasons. One, you want to upgrade or improve something in your vehicle and two there is something you have to fix in order for it to keep working. For me it was the latter reason that forced me to replace my busted OEM starter before I […]