A Taste of SEMA’s Product Selection

This year the 2012 SEMA convention floor was home to various project cars, companies trying to expand their reach, and manufacturers putting on display many of their products. As the FRSport team walked around the show floor, we gathered many great photographs of cars,  models, events, and of course the items to be released in […]

Rocket Bunnies Everywhere! (Updated)

SEMA 2012 was one huge, monster of a motorsports tradeshow. It was relatively easy to get lost in the sea of amazing automobiles. Out of the exorbitant amount of cars however, one specific type of vehicle, with a specific type of body kit, kept reappearing through out the show. The Scion FR-S fitted with “Rocket Bunny” […]

The Imports of SEMA

The SEMA show (Specialty Equipment Market Association), isn’t just a place where Mustangs and Chargers prevail. The import scene was not to be outdone this year either. Leading the imports was the Scion FR-S. It won “The Hottest Import” award at the show and in the process beat out many formidable import cars. One couldn’t […]

American Machines at SEMA 2012

Throughout SEMA many exhibitors attend the show only to showcase their beautiful custom cars or their meticulously restored classics. This statement could not apply more to anyone else than to those who customize domestic vehicles, or cars made in the United States. On this voting day here in the U.S., there is no better way to pay […]

The Models of SEMA 2012

Show, Tuner, and Super Cars aren’t the only thing people look at during a SEMA event. Working long hours in painful, yet very good looking heels, are also the beautiful models of SEMA. They not only promote the products at their stands but a few of them also happened to be part of the company […]