Our coverage of the 2013 Thunder on the Lot

Over the past weekend, our staff attended the 19th Annual Thunder on the Lot event in Lancaster, California for what was an all out motosport fanfare event. The show consisted of motorcycles, classic cars on display, and of course drifting. Our staff member Adam Knapik participated in the Drifting demo along with a lot of […]

Nissan & Nismo Become Exclusive Partners, Again.

NISMO is to Nissan what bread is to butter. They have always gone hand in hand. Recent news only enhances these views however. On February 25, 2013 Nissan put out a statement claiming that NISMO is officially Nissan’s exclusive world-wide performance car and motorsports brand. This is something most of us have already known but […]

Jay Leno in a Datsun 510

Recently Jay Leno has been in a few JDM friendly videos depicting various Japanese cult classic automobiles. Here he shows off one of his employees’ Datsun 510. It is definitely refreshing to see Jay showing some love for classic Japanese cars and their heritage. You can find the video of this very clean Datsun 510 […]

The Start of the Nissan Skyline

Ever wondered why the Nissan Skyline is so epic? Check out this neat video by Nissan re-telling the tale of their flagship motor-sports car and listen to interviews by the drivers who drove the legend.

American Machines at SEMA 2012

Throughout SEMA many exhibitors attend the show only to showcase their beautiful custom cars or their┬ámeticulously┬árestored classics. This statement could not apply more to anyone else than to those who customize domestic vehicles, or cars made in the United States. On this voting day here in the U.S., there is no better way to pay […]

The Nissan Heritage Car Collection

If you ever wanted to kill a few a hours during an afternoon or simply be more knowledgeable on Nissan’s racing and non-racing heritage, this little gem is perfect for you. As I was perusing the internets’ the other night, I stumbled onto this page; hosted officially by Nissan to my surprise. In it you […]