Nissan & Nismo Become Exclusive Partners, Again.

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NISMO is to Nissan what bread is to butter. They have always gone hand in hand. Recent news only enhances these views however.

The new NISMO HQ by night
The new NISMO HQ by night

On February 25, 2013 Nissan put out a statement claiming that NISMO is officially Nissan’s exclusive world-wide performance car and motorsports brand. This is something most of us have already known but to mark this event, Nissan opened the New NISMO Global head quarters and development center in Yokohama, Japan; just to make it a little bit more official. They also broke the news that a new, current generation NISMO GT-R is on the horizon. 

The new NISMO HQ showroom

What does all this mean? Well it could mean that Nissan is FINALLY getting ready to unveil some exciting products. In the wake and success of the Toyota FR-S (Toyota 86 in Japan) and the Subaru BRZ, this enhanced collaboration might be the catalyst for some great, new Nissan performance cars. Hopefully unlike the R390 Gt car (once a road car too) shown below the prices stay at a reasonable level.

The Nissan R390 GT1 car that ran to third overall in the 1998 LeMans

Just by mentioning that they are producing a NISMO variant of the Nissan GT-R, they have already partially delivered what Nissan fan-boys have been clamoring for. In the past there was a R34 Skyline with NISMO, Spec V, and Spec V II versions and now this generation’s GT-R will also have even more beefed up models. In the past few months they announced a Track specific model (with questionable interior seats) and now have stated that a NISMO version of the G-TR should drop pretty soon. 

Nissan have pledged to give us more info today and we’ll be posting and sharing the news with you. For now make sure to check the video below, full of vintage goodness. 

The the full press release from Nissan on the “enhanced” NISMO partnership can be found here. All images provided by Nissan.

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