Toy Drift 2012: Where Giving & Drifting Go Hand in Hand

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Every year Charlie at JustDrift puts on a great event to raise toy donations for the less fortunate kids. So I thought I’d do my part and help… AND HAVE A BLAST DRIFTING!

Started the day off with no front bumper for a quick shake down to check the car, and see what the grip would be like.

After a few laps the tandems began! I have driven with Jason Kim before and know he’s a good driver, so there were no second thoughts when he asked.

It was cool to see some of the Formula Drift pros come out for a good time. Mike Essa and Jason threw down some great runs!

So after the first set of tires, and the shake down all finished up (and people complaining that the car doesn’t look as good without the bumper HAHAHA) it was time to put the bumper out and continue the fun!

With all the great drivers that showed up that day, it was great to get in all that tandem practice. It’s nice to have that confidence with the person in front of you, and be able to push a little more.

Odi Bakchis with his V8 that sounded like it wanted to eat me whole!

Soon after, 3 to 4 car trains became a pretty common thing.

V8 sandwich…..poor little 4 banger.

The drifting went well into the night. I haven’t been to an open track day in a long time, and it was great to go out and just have fun.

The day was a great success, and I’d like to thank Charlie from Just Drift for putting on such an awesome event! See you guys out there again!


Here are some great videos of the weekend that was:

& for more great shots of the event visit 


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